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My 8 secrets to high performance leadership


Productivity by over 30%


Inclusive collaboration that leads to breakthrough innovations 


peer-to-peer coaching & accountability in your organization

Extraordinary Teams

Require Extraordinary Leaders

The disruptive pressures of the marketplace are astounding. A constantly shifting landscape requires radically adaptable leadership. Ferrazzi Learning Academy introduces a new framework for leaders to achieve unparalleled growth in their organizations while mitigating the unforeseen risks that inevitably occur in disruptive markets.

For over 20 years, I have been an executive team coach to the most prominent companies in the world. Insights typically reserved for only the most elite organizations are now being brought to you in the premiere debut of the Ferrazzi Learning Academy.

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Maximize Team Performance

I have spent the past 20 years coaching the top leaders in the world. Transformation begins with a single decision. Join me as I unveil the keys to high-performing teams

The Ferrazzi Leadership Program


Growth opportunities & maximize team performance 


Change in your organization forward by 3-5 years

Develop Breakthrough Innovations

That were never before possible

"This has been absolutely transformative to my company. The guidance & practices in this program have reinvented my organization & massively restored the energy of my team as we are all working remote"

Peter Diamandis
Founder of XPRIZE & Singluarity University

"Keith helped us drive improved communications, enhanced leadership interaction, and exceptional business results-oriented coaching all designed to enhance agile decision making, increased cross-organizational collaboration, and greater accountability."

Chuck Harrington

"...Keith has a clear methodology based on both experience and science and brings it together in an engaging manner where the team feels the needed change and puts the model immediately into action…"

Mike Clementi
Executive Vice President, Unilever

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